I used the search bar and didn't find anything.

I've been looking at some behringer effect pedals:



and Overdrive

I am just curious if anyone has any experience with these. They are very cheap however I have purchased a behringer tuner pedal and I am rather happy with it. Are these cheap behringer pedals better tools verses tones? For example, they make great compressors, but overdrive sounds suck?

Please let me know
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It goes without saying, you wanna be careful about buying stuff cheap- you get what you pay for. My friend has a behringer v-amp pro and loves it. Obviously this is different equipment, but behringer makes some good stuff. He said, however, that their stuff is good for recording but not for playing live. just a thought
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Ok, yeah i have used their sound boards which were decent, the tuner pedal i have is the same construction at these ones, a cheap plastic case which i would gig with, but im not really gigging now, just hobby playing
"I have good eye-sight, insight, and foresight. How could an
intelligent hare make such a silly mistake?"
Oh yeah then you're solid with behringer
and harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene
im no pedal guru. havent uses to many boutique pedals at all. but i was setting up and sound checking my roomies bad a while ago and was talking with 1 of the guitarists who could get his sound right nomatter what. he claimed that his signal sounded weak, and lost a lot of tone regardless of EQ.

i tried, didnt seem to help. he sugested a pedal, and we began going direct into amp and then sigleing out every pedal. it was the behringer. it KILLED his tone. and i dont mean, yeah that kinda makes a difference. i mean like night and day.

im pretty cheap (college), ill try to find used deals, but after that i will never buy a behringer pedal.

note: for the record, the actual effect tehy produce and settings on the pedal is actually good for the money. im assuming lower build quality and parts does something serious to the tone though.
Ok good to know, im in college too so i was looking for something cheap. Thanks for the info
"I have good eye-sight, insight, and foresight. How could an
intelligent hare make such a silly mistake?"
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They're not good. But if you can't afford anything better, they'll do their job.

Ive got the UD100 and it's fine dist.. works quite well for what i need it
have a UO100 as well (octaver) and it works great whatsoever!
if you're careful with it and if you're not buying one of the most important effects for you then go for it (like i rarely use teh octaver. only in few songs of mine so )
i have a few behringer pedals that aren't to bad. the power overdrive isn't one of them it may be the only pedal i've ever bought that i truly hated (wish i could have tried it out first) couldn't get a tone i was happy with out if. thee wha pedal is fun and i also have a digital delay and a distortion pedal that come in handy at times. not something i'd take out on the road but they aren't bad and have held up fairly decently.

if you want decent low end pedals look into Deltalab's stuff. metal casings and true bypass. they sound really good as well.
Ok thank you for the feedback
"I have good eye-sight, insight, and foresight. How could an
intelligent hare make such a silly mistake?"
I have a Behringer Reverb,cant remeber the model but for playing at the house its good to me.If i were gigging i would want something a lot sturdier though.The Behringer stuff is all plastic.
Their not bad but they will be noisy and suck some tone but the sound generaly isnt to bad
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i would recommend getting used stuff from GC in perso or go to thier site and you can check thier used inventory nationwide and pay over the phone and have it shipped.

ive done it 3 times. 1 time got a lemon, but they have a great return policy. i generally get 100 dollar pedals 40-50% off that way. oh and go for good pedals you know. for example, BOSS pedals hold up, so i dont really have an issue buying a used one. some no namer? well.... buy at your own risk
Danelectro > Behringer for cheap pedals... In fact, their EQ and overdrive/fuzz/dist pedals can compete with boutique ones imo
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Quote by ourmagichour
Danelectro > Behringer for cheap pedals... In fact, their EQ and overdrive/fuzz/dist pedals can compete with boutique ones imo

Jep, the Cool Cat series that is.. Too bad those enclosures are weird as hell.
In response to your original question about Behringer's Effects vs Distortions; I've liked pretty well all their effects I've tried. Their Delays, Compressors, Phasers, Flangers etc were all pretty good. I'd even choose the Behringer Delay over the Boss DD-3.

The distortion pedals are kind of hit and miss. Some are really good, like the Ultra Metal, Blues Overdrive, and Distortion X. Some are horrible, like the Super Metal and Heavy Metal. But on the plus side, the schematics of the boards are REALLY simple, which makes the pedals VERY easy to mod. I've modded my "Heavy Metal" with a new capacitor, plunger, and LED for good measure, and I've at least saved the pedal from a 1-way trip to the garbage bin. I've modded my "Blues Overdrive" the same way and I'm very pleased with it (it was one of my favorites 'stock')
they arnt great the distortion one is bad, alot of feedback from them......
and the sound isnt great :/
my friend got one off the internet and when he got it, it didnt even work right....
I don't understand why behringer pedals get so much stick, theyre decent pedals. Ok so they don't make anything original but they're certainly on par with alot of more expensive pedals (read Boss and Line 6) They're also pretty damn tough, I'd rather use one of their pedals at a gig rather than a Line 6 Tonecore pedal. I've had quite a few pedals crap out on me live and never was one of them a cheapie behringer. They're also cheap enough to justify experimenting with new sounds.

Oh and tone-suck is always dependent on circuit so saying you won't use another behringer pedal because one stole your high-end is like saying you won't use another wah pedal because a crybaby did the same. If its THAT bad just put it in a true bypass loop.

Just my two cents.
People say they used the search bar, but I really don't believe it sometimes, it's like they say it just to avoid being told to. It's not hard to find info on this forum about Behringer pedals.

They're poorly built, some of them sound alright but most of them sound average. If you're gigging, ask yourself... at the end of a gig where your pedal crapped out and embarrassed you, would you pay $40 to go back and stop it from happening? If the answer is yes, buy something a little more expensive that's a lot more reliable.

EDIT: This is coming from someone who had a Behringer pedal die on them mid-song before.
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Got a Benrhinger power mixed I've used for nearly 10 years, for sound and playing bass through. Never had any trouble with it, and works great as a bass amp, plus makes for easy bi-amp, playing 8-10 gigs a month, plus practice and jamming. Three pedals I use, though not for a steady diet. Just when the song feels like some chorus or octaver. Noise filter made a whilsting sound, but I'm thinking it was from a power surge-haven't checked it since new power bar added. I have no problems with Behringer.
if u want cheap pedals without tone suck, joyo are cheap and excellent. true bypass even... they clone alot of major boutique pedals ala OCD= joyo ultimate drive, suhr riot= joyo US dream... u get the picture... ebay them. under fifty bucks, at least they are metal. behringer work, but sort of built like a mcdonalds happy meal toy.
+1 about the powered mixer tho... been using one for ten years gigging every weekend. i would stay away from their powered speakers however. blew one in five mins... check out joyo. they have youtube reviews up the yingyang. gearmandude did a review of the suhr riot vs the joyo us dream. same sound minus the mini switch for voicing.
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