Long story short

>Have guitar
>Friend sees guitar
>Many months later at school
>"Hey dude what's your phone # so I can text you"
>Later that night "Hey dude, you want to come play guitar for our band?"
>"I haven't played in almost a year man, I don't think I'd be good enough"
>Many excuses later he still hadn't given up so I said yes. I told him that if I sucked that I warned him.

I haven't played guitar in over a year and within the week I'm going to be having to practice with a band > _ >. Hopefully they find someone else before then but in case they don't.

How can I at least get unrusty in this time period and I'm going to have to learn some metalcore/hardcore songs since that's what they play. Are there any easy ones you could recommend?
as far as metalcore goes the easiest one ive played is composure from august burns red. your gonna just have to play and practice until the band practices and if the band practices regularly youll get it back
do scales for warm ups. i wouldnt just jump right into playing metalcore right off the bat.
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Scales for practice/warm-ups. Easy hardcore/post-hardcore songs? Downfall of us All by A Day To Remember. One of my favorites and really easy. You'll get back into it but if you don't want to play, you won't make any progress, learn anything from it, or have any fun with it.
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legit try Danger Wildman by the devil wears prada, so easy yet so good and fun to play. i would practice you're speed rhythm playing the most
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