Hi, I've been playing guitar for around a month, and after a couple of hours of practicing, I would have an indent the shape of a string indented into my fingertips/calluses. Usually my hand starts sweating a little, and my fingers would hurt when fretting a single note or chord(s). Is this normal?

Edit: I forgot to mention that it would be normal the next day, but it might have a very slight discomfort.
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its normal. keep playing!
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very normal dude, just keep at it, it'll get better the more you play.
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Ok thanks . Just making sure cause I've never read about someone having "string grooves" before.
also, what i tried doing when i started getting calluses on my fingertips was check out how much pressure was really needed to push down on these strings.
play a chord with the normal pressure you would normally put on the strings. then, try and play as light as you can until all the notes in the chord ring out clearly.
what happened to me was i was getting these massive holes in my calluses because i was just working to hard to press down those strings.
hope this helps