Me playing over Mr P.C, though the backing track I made sounds a bit more contemporary and my playing is a bit fusion-y so it's hard to call it a cover!

It's not the best job and there are a few mess ups in my improvising, but either way, I hope some people like it.
I use to listen to his work a lot before, and then i completely forgot about him. Thanks for posting this cover up!
That's great dude, finally some doing some coltrane arrangements for guitar. The man has a great sense of style, he was almost like the jimi hendrix of the sax.
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And I'd rank Coltrane much higher than Hendrix on his instrument to be honest!
I'd really love to do some more Coltrane arrangements for guitar, but I think my next jazz arrangement will be Footsteps by Wayne Shorter, works great in a fusion atmosphere which is where I think I'm more comfortable in.