Nice playing, i don,t think your tone is that bad. The rythm playing of your brother, overpowered the solo you were doing, so i didn't hear the solo that well.

Check out my covers:



cheers mates !

PS: At first i thought i was seeing double hahahaahaha
hey man i like it ! your tone isnt that bad mate, please check out my fade to black solo cover about a year ago when i was 14!


not as good as yours, but i was only 14 at the time please give it a thumbs up

good job mate
Isn't it the same guy :/

Nice cover anyway, love the end of that song.
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Haha yes it's the same person, it' just me in the video.

Thanks for the responses!
Very good! Nothing to complain about considering playing. Your tone isn't perfect, but not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. You can make it better by playing it with a WAH standing all the way in the up position and NOT rocking it, that's how Kirk did it on the record.

This is my Steve Vai cover (For the Love of God), please listen to it: