Of the Universal Monument

Supernovas in my sight
Exploding in the distance
Monumental events
Meaningless to me
Infinite Armageddons
Rushing past
Improbable existences
Brought to being against all odds
Just to vanish
Without leaving a wrinkle
On creation’s face

Failed experiments successful
Experiences gained and lost
Wisdom of the young and the old
Passing by silently
Despite the blind entropy
Leading immaculate infinity
Enormous helical specters
Weaving through dimensions
Forming infinite loops of
Events in time
Inevitably connected

Flowing serpentine spirits
Twisting, worming their way into black
Into the cold
The mind’s eye seen through a haze of ice
A nihilistic paradise
State of modus vivendi
For no war shall exist
As there is no order to its dark
A blaze is burning
But there is no combustion in the vacuum
A conflagration
That is only for the eye to see
Universe deconstructed shows no harmony
The eternal battle of ice and fire
Rages on quietly
2008 Epiphone G400 Heritage CherryFUBAR
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