I've heard that new Fender YJMs come with Seymour Duncans "YJM Fury" stock. What do you guys think of this? Do you think they sound better and have less hum than DiMarzios?

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^Its not a rumour. Yngwie left Dimarzio for Seymour Duncan last year, the Dimarzio YJM has been renamed the HS-4 because he no longer endorses them.
Fender just haven't updated their site.

As for why he moved to SD? Who knows. Better pickups? More money? More donuts?
you're not going to notice a big difference with the new pickups. they may be a tad bit quieter but you probably won't notice unless you are really cranking your amp.
I bought a set and put them in my malm sig, i like them alot better than the dimarzio's, the bridge is chunkier and the neck and middle have a bit more note definition. As for fender putting them in the guitars, I called and asked, he got my email and emailed me the answer a few hours later when he found out. He told me that when fender runs out of their stock of dimarzio's they will start putting the SD in them.
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