Howdy guys. Just completed a trade and I ended up with a Rebel 20 head and a USA Blues Jr. Im loving both the amps. The blues jr sounds great just on the edge of break up and the egnater sounds great higher gain. But I need to lend the blues jr to the other guitarist in my band and our band isnt exactly clean guitar stuff. With that being said....

Anywhere up to $200. Can be stretched somewhat for the right pedal.

Pop-punk, post hardcore nothing to crazy but a sizeable amount of distortion. Think early Fall Out Boy, Transit, Man Overboard (Just saw them live and LOVED the guitarists tone. I noticed he was using a VHT Deliverance sixty head if that helps at all)

New or used:
Either. But thinking new is probably best since the used market around here has its ups and downs.

Home or gig:
Both home and gig. So something that will cut through the mix well. Midrangey.

Closest city:
Colorado Springs. Denver also.

Current gear:
The primary guitar used will be a fender telecaster with singles in the bridge and neck. I also already own a Boss BD-2, an EHX LPB-1, an MXR Dyna Comp, and last but not least a blues jr.

Tldr; I need a good distortion pedal with enough gain for everything short of heavy metal.

Thanks guys!
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell
I had one of the blackstar valve distortion series pedals last year. It was a good pedal and I seemed to like it. Ill look in on it. Any other suggestion?
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell
The Barber Dirty Bomb sounds pretty good and is priced very well.

Some of Catalinbreads distortions and ODs sounded great to me as well.

Wampler's Plextortion and Pinnacle sound excellent.

This one is probably going to be over $200 but I highly recommend you check out Dr. Scientist's Elements distortion pedal when it is released (if you can wait a few months)


Theres the thread, Ryan has one demo of him playing Slayer on it but it's not meant to be a brutal metal pedal. I'll be doing a demo for my blog when Ryan sends a traveling demo version around to some people on the ILF boards
plextortion. I love it. Thank you. It sounds freakin amazing.
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell
I'd recommend the Jekyll & Hyde. You get something similar to both a TS and a Rat in one pedal. And both sound good.