nice. it sounded really good.
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It's pretty good. I just think you need to work on the feel and timing of it. You've got all the notes there. It's just not quite right.
Well played though.
Quote by LoneFloyd
Thank you for your comment. I'll try to do it better !

It's cool. What I did to work on feel was learn Parisienne walways - Gary Moore and try and play it like him. It did me wonders.
Not to spam anyone, but makes me wonder what rhys digby thinks of my playing... i did a gary moore still got the blues cover, i,d like to hear your gary moore cover rhysdigby !

cheers !
@cubone. I will post it on youtube one day. At the minute, I'm concentrating on playing and not recording for a bit. I've never been into the recording part, but I will once I go to uni in October.
Gimme a link cubone, or a PM and I'll take a look.
@warrencheung54, you've gone further than I've ever attempted with Canon Rock. It sounds good. Obviously, it's sloppy in places, where the sweeps should be and where the harmonics aren't blending as nice as they could, but practice will get that better for you too.
Try learning the Canon string skipping excercise by Paul Gilbert on his Intense Rock II video.

The song to me isn't nice as a rock version. It's far too busy. Pachelbel's version's still king; probably because he wrote it.