A short while ago (late last weekish) I made a thread asking about valve changes.
While being very helpful, the advice I got would harm my pocket greatly!
Well, depending on luck, obviously I got suggest NOS valves from brands such as Mullard and the likes.

Anyway, the problem is I need to change all my valves (settled on JJ 6l6 valves for my power amp), my pre-amp being the problem, I can't really sit up on ebay waiting for good deals to come along as I'm nearing a flow of gigs coming in, so I need my amp to be sounding fresh!
Plus the prices some NOS 12AX7s go for on ebay is insane! I've been watching some that are at okay prices, but still a lot more than a new production valve.

While I've heard loads of horror stories regarding new production valves (such as most of them being made in russia, which has the bad conditions for valve making and stuff), but I'm thinking it's the only solution for now is to buy some new production valves for this replacement then when I have a bit more cash replace them with NOS valves.

Anyway, 'm incredibly sorry about all my ramblings, but onto the actual question.

What suggestions are their for new 12AX7 valves?
I'm mainly looking for clarity and good cleans, which can then be dirtied up as opposed to valves which are good for dirty stuff all round.

I've heard JJs are good, but I read a description of their 12AX7s as "breaking up early" which I don't really want. I also hear they're quite dark which I'm not really feeling.
I hear EHX are really bright, which puts me off a bit, that makes me think they may be shrill.
I also hear Sovtek are good, but I dunno.

Btw, I'm using a Cornford Roadhouse 30 head.

(I also realise that I'm probably thinking way too much into the valves of my amp! )

I don't know about what current production tube may shine in your Cornford Roadhouse 30 head...

But the favorite by far with the Maz Jr. boys is the Tung-Sol 12AX7's.
The link in my sig has numerous Tube opinions posted. You may want to give it a glance?

Good hunting.
a decent nos tube is like 20-30 bucks and will be a lot better then a new tube.

However, the jj ecc83s is a good all around option for preamps.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
BurstBucker Pro, cheers, I've heard good things about the Tung Sol valves.

AcousticMirror, for some reason I can only ever find NOS valves for stupid prices like £50 per valve, which is currently out of the question, and probably will be until sort of september time. But my amp's valves have been stock since the amp was made, and as I got it used and the guy before me had it for some years I'm thinking the valves won't be so fresh!
So for now I'm sticking with some new production until I can afford some decent NOS, as I said there will be a lot of gigs coming up for me very soon, which equates to money, so I need to keep my sound as good as it can get, because I need money!
Thanks for the suggestion too!

Bubb Tubbs, get with the brtish lingo, brah!
call some local guitar shops, you might need to drive for'em, but they're out there. i bought a NOS 12zx7 from a amp shop just today.
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Pity I can't drive
It'd probably cost more to get them from shops than it would via ebay from public transport!

Plus I don't know any music shops in any areas near me which would sell NOS valves =/
look for the hole in the wall shops, not guitar center and the like. i just put "guitar amp" in google maps and called the closest place. Any good amp repair shop should have some tubes laying around.
LTD Alexi-600 White & Black
LTD Alexi-200 Black(Death Adder pickup & Gold OFR)
Agile Interceptor Pro 727 7-string
Jackson JS30RR rhoads
Jackson DKMGT
Squire telecaster

Bugera 6262 212 loaded with WGS veteran 30's
Well being in the UK there are no places like Guitar Center, but at the same time there are very few "hole in the wall" shops, they're all a mid-point between. =/

But I'll see if there are any amp repair shops or anything relatively close, if I call about and find one I could probably get my bassist to drive me up.

Cheers for the advice.
I pick up heaps of good NOS 12AX7 valves for around Au$20 on Ebay. I've bought a few from the UK too. You aren't looking hard enough.
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I can't see how to search other than to search for "NOS 12AX7" then check every listing. =/

I mean, some are good deals, like £50 for 5 or something. But I can't really spent £50 right now just for the pre-amp valves.

As I said, I will be getting some decent NOS valves to stick in my Cornford when I can afford it, I'm sort of stuck in an annoying place of not having money but also needing my tone sorted!
you thought of using 12at7's instead they have a little less gain and work in any 12ax7's place.