Has anyone had any experience with these necks? Which necks do they feel like?

Also, how does Rhondmusic's custom guitar ordering work? How can I possibly get a custom AL3000 for only $300?

Thank you for your time!
It's not 300. It's a downpayment (50% of the guitar). When its ready to ship, you pay the remaining amount of money.

IMO paying $650 for an Agile is just too much money for a MiC guitar.
^ Except IIRC all the better Agile's, including the custom order ones, are MiK. And they are decent. Might want to check with Kurt on that one though, I just know that my $750 Septor Elite is MiK. And yeah, that $300 is just the deposit. The rest of the $600 will be due before the guitar ships. Personally if you can get the options you want on a production model (like a Honey or Cherry Sunburst AL-3100 Slim Neck) then go for that. If you want a different finish, different colour hardware, P90s instead of humbuckers etc, then that's where the custom order is useful.

To TS, the slim taper neck has the same neck profile as their Septor and Interceptor models, which are quite comfortable to play on if you don't want to make the leap from something like and LTD to a Les Paul neck.

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