Hey guys. I'm getting a list together of parts that I'm going to need for my first build- a Tele Deluxe copy. I was looking at necks on Warmoth and noticed they had 2 different types: the Pro Construction, and the Vintage Construction. It seemed to me that the Vintage was the type of neck on most every guitar; with the truss rod adjustable at the headstock. However, it looked like the Pro had some sort of strange adjuster on the heel, and no adjuster on the headstock. Could anyone with one of these shed some light on the subject? Also, if I were to get a compound radius, what nut radius should I get? I'm not sure I want to pay the extra $25+ for them to do it for me. Thanks!!!
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You still use the one at the top the one at the heel is for quick ajustments like changing tunings for alil biit
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The nut will be made to match the guitar. I assume you mean fretboard radius.

The warmoth pro has a compound 10" to 16" inch radius - it flattens out as you get around the 12th fret. It is a nice compromise - easy chording near the headstock, easy bending, low action.

A vintage tele deluxe has a 12" inch radius throughout - this is also a good compromise.
Much like a Gibson.

Older fenders have 7 1/4" or 9 1/2" radius necks - incredibly comfortable playing up near the headstock, but the action has to be high over the 12th fret or bends will "fret out" (choke).

As far as the truss rod adjustment, I have all warmoth pro necks and have never adjusted one - ever. If you did need to though, it would be a pain in the ass because you would have to remove the neck, adjust, restring, repeat until you got what you wanted, but I have these necks on mutiple strats and they are good from the factory and probably wouldn't need adjustment unless you plan on using some insanely heavy strings.
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