Guys just want to do this for anyone struggling with alt picking and have almost given up. I was doing exercises and videos and books but just couldnt get the dam thing down. But it's just clicked after about a month it's been the way I hold the pick!!!

All this time I've been holding it straight between my first finger and thumb. But after almost giving up I curled my first finger round then put pick between curled finger and thumb, omg I can now pick much faster just need to work on right left hand sync then I can start tackling those solos that have daunted me for years.

Over ten years right hand technique starting over again.

Just thought il share. Cheers for the advice I've gotten here from u talented lot!!
Good for you man!
For some reason I could always alt pick very good with know practice. A lot of people have problems with it. To bad it does not sound good with the style i play!

Have fun.
I know exactly what you mean. Years ago I looked at the way my picks were wearing down, and it was obvious I was holding it at an angle. So I straighted it up so the pick wore more uniform and went to holding the pick in a pinch-type grip, however my speed dropped badly. It's only been recently that I have curled the pick back in again and am paying more attention to my synchronisation and speed and it has already improved.

It's small things that can make a big change.
Yeah cheers guys I'm well chuffed lol.

One thing is that my pick .73 I think is too thin, the pick gives too easy I've been trying a .88 but even that is maybe too thin. Any advice here should I go thicker or a pick that may be more suitAble?
Congratulations on your picking success! In my opinion as a thicker pick flexes less as it goes through the string it facilitates faster picking. For years I used the red Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks. I really recommend these. However currently I'm using a Red Bear Big Jazzer, which is marginally larger than the Jazz III, but glides over the string a little easier.
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serisouly ive been buzzing all nite!!!!

i really did give up, and then suddenly like out of nowhere (seriouly) i started picking really fast. But i will start slow again and work more on my left hand, as its not totally up top speed, i can do runs up and down the strings but not lightning enough to wow anyone!

yeah i hear a lot about these jazz picks, are they colour coded, should i look out for the red ones?
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Is there any way you could post a picture of how you are holding the pick now? I think it could really help me as well.
yeah i will post a pic..when i get home

but when i tried it and it almost slipped into place naturally... (i was too stubborn thinking i could never play with curled finger like that!! lol)

What i think i did was curl my 1st finger, and where the first small joint (top) on my 1st finger is, i placed the top left corner of pick with that. Then layed thumb over it, but make sure the pick is perpendicular to your finger, ie: finger pointing in towards palm , and pick pointing down.

then it jjst felt so natural, even vo my finger is a little sore today that will go away like normal finger pains when playing guitar!!

like here:-


although my finger is curled more than that of the pic, but i think hes just showing you

good luck!!!
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yeah i hear a lot about these jazz picks, are they colour coded, should i look out for the red ones?

I preferred the red Jim Dunlop Jazz III's, but plenty of other players like the black ones. Same shape and size, different colour and a slightly different feel as a result of whatever contributed to that colour difference. Both have a great tone, so the solution would be to try both and see which you prefer.