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can it get close to a dual rec sound?

Why buy a Mark V then?

Just buy a Rec.

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Thing I like about the Mark V is, it can get almost any tone and at any volume. It's settings are very different at high volume than low, but it's capable of anything.
I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure Lamb of God uses Mark V's. And I've played them. Your answer is a yes.
yes, but if you want the sound of a dual rec by a dual rec. especially if you can afford the mark v
I have a Mark V and a Recto. Either will do modern metal with ease... however they both have a much different sound and feel from each other.

Mark V

I appreciate the sound of a Mesa being compared to a buzzsaw.
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Quote by visterjk
can it get close to a dual rec sound?

Why would you spend the money on a Mark when you can get a Recto for way less, if what you want is the Recto sound?
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Is it the best for the job? It is and it isn't. It depends on if you like the Mark's unique voicing. Yes, it can pull it off, but IMO not as well as a few other amps can. I love my Mark IV and metal isn't a problem, but I like it for a higher gain prog-ish type sound. I play "modern metal" on it but even though I love, I can't help but feel I'd rather have something like Roadster for the super heavy detuned stuff.
Quote by visterjk
can it get close to a dual rec sound?

Well the recto will have a looser chug in the bass and can be somewhat buzzy. The mark v will be tighter and clearer sounding with a more prominent midrange. It depends on what you want. Mesa's are hard to tweak. I played a Dual Recto and didn't have nearly enough time to tweak it to where I liked it. I hear the Mark IV/V amps are serious tweakers too...
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i would say that if you cant really get close at all to the Dual Rec with a Mark V, it doesn't have that low end sag that the Recto has.

if you want a recto but want to do everything, get a Roadster or used Roadking. they're like the same price as the Mark V and much better IMO

also, that circular saw analogy is perfect. it recto is a lot more raw, the Mark V is more precise. personally i dont like it, not really my sound
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