Handmade by me, Michael Squier. 3 string fretless guitars. Have a look.
Reading the rules FAIL!

Rule #2

No advertising any other sites!

No advertising if the only thing you come on here to do is advertise. But if you've made 600 posts and you made a thread about this luthier business your starting up, that's not really being detrimental to the community. That's pretty much just making a decent thread in the gear forum. But if you do it without making posts about any other thing, I will have to assume you are using UG for you moneymaking schemes and don't actually give a crap about this community.
Hey guys, sorry about that. Remove the ad if you think it's in bad taste. Really did not mean to cause any problems.

Hey I just re-read the rules, sorry again. Now the problem is I can't edit my post so I can't remove the link to the off site. I promise not to do it again, but I will stay a member and maybe get off on a better foot with you guys.
Read the rules first!
Link removed.
Quote by zappp
emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
Just checking back, thanks for removing the offending link. I misread the rule as meaning a link to another site and assumed my link to my own stuff was OK, live and learn. Rock on man. Rules are only fun if you break them once in a while.