Yo, what's up O/R long time no see.
I've got a Dubstep remix of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep", it's pretty standard stuff, but I think it came out decent.

C4C of course.


Updated Mix as well! Actually, it's only louder, but new link anyway, as the old link got butchered.
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the first bit after the drop sounds a bit cluttered, but after the vocals slow down and such it sounds pretty good, you have a nice groove. I think you justneed to work on the production a bit more (EQ, compression....)

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what programs are you using??

i still havent quite understood mastering really, i usually throw a compressor on my kicks and subs and then a multiband compressor on the master track. as for eq i cut everything below 40 hz with a high pass filter and then everything above 20000hz with a low pass filter ( even tho we cant hear anything over 20000Hz the tones above that number produce some harmonics that get in the way of our audible spectrum. Cutting above 20000Hz and below 40Hz gets rid of these dirty harmonics.

search up youtube videos for exactly what your looking for there are tons out there its wild how much information is out there to be ingested. I've only been producing seriously since sept 2010 and i think ive came quite a ways since airplanes. also learning how to mix doesnt hurt either. Good luck with everything!