so in short I am looking to buy custom fender telecaster 72 deluxe pieces and build it but I recently have found one craigslist and i am curious how you all feel about the sound and the deal of this.

its is a fender 72 deluxe telecaster reissue with one pickup (a gibson dirty finger in the bridge) one knob, and a killswitch. the guy says he has relic'd it and such and also comes with a fender g and g hardshell case. all for 450.

so my basic question is anyone got any idea how that dirty finger will sound (assuming its all wired correctly and such)
and if you would call this a good deal.

thanks for any help!
Why are you certain you want a '72 tele? If you just want an HH Telecaster, the Blacktop is generally about $450 new. That Dirty Finger is going to sound very aggressive, and that's about it. Overall, it doesn't sound like such a great deal, especially considering it's been "relic'd."
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i love dirtyfingers buckers, they have to be my favorite, very aggressive very pretty high output, couldn't be anymore opposite of fenderr IMO though.

any home relic job is going to kill the price. i wouldn't pay over $250 for that with case, but if you like it go for it, after all its you buying it and not me.
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