First mix, recording is not finished. Currently it lacks vocals, lead guitars and a real bass. "Final" mix will be ready in april sometime, incl. vox.
I just used a Line 6 PODxt Live for this! Got a pretty good sound out of it, I must say!


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I'm very happy with how it is turning out, but I do need some feedback on this!

Hope you like it!


I also have a couple of questions regarding the mixing and editing of this track.

In the very beginning of the song I would like it to gradually build up, and towards the "explosion" I want the tension to go up quickly. That's the best way to describe it... The way I've done it now is using a wah on the guitars through a bus track, but it isn't enough. I want something that really makes it go BOOM!

Any advice on how to do this and which effects I could use?

At 0:40 the right guitar is not easy to hear and I really want it layered on top of two rhythm tracks or having the left guitar louder. What is the best way to make the new riff hearable? Just give it a different tone, maybe boost tops and use a high-pass filter? I'd rather not play it an octave above...

Thanks a lot!

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Nice stuff not my style but its pretty cool. What time is it in? Because the intro was a little weird, but i can tell thats what you're going for. Raise the the guitar tracks up just a tad, the drums sometimes were a little too loud.

Now as for your questions, what kinda of BOOM are you going for? You said you did it using Wah, what exactly did you do on the guitar?

Second Question, I would make a new track transfer the riff to the track and then raise the volume.