Ive been playing guitar 5 years, i thought myself,practiced more than 3 hours a day and i quickly got good and have improved so much in the last year. But its only recently ive discovered how much i love music and how ive developed my own ear for music.. Its just this feeling you get when you strike a chord that sounds good or overcome a challenge that faced you, in hard times letting your music take you away and forget your troubles, that is the ultimate. I think the ultimate satisfaction ive gotten from becoming a musician is i always wanted to play an instrument but i just never took the time or never got the oppurtunity and when i saw other guitarists the longing to be like them was unreal and it was always a case of no its never going to happen but when it did and the rate at which i improved it just filled me with this pride and self confidence that nothing could top. I think every musician has some experience like this and i think its this feeling that we get, thats what keeps us coming back and playing till the day we die.

Music...Enough said
Music...Enough said.


Such is life.....