Well, I've played guitar for a bit, but I'm nothing special. I'm slowly starting to learn songs by Avenged Sevenfold, but I need a good starting point. Can anyone point out some relatively simple songs by A7x to me or some techniques I'll need to learn to play the songs better?
I heard Unholy Confessions is like a moderate skill level song. I learned Bat Country for one of my first songs when I started playing. I just don't recommend those solos. Especially without a set of locking tuners and a tremolo. Your guitar will R.I.P. if you try to dive-bomb like Synster Gates or other guitarists who like their whammy bars.
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Unholy confessions, critical acclaim, the majority of nightmare, chapter four... those are probobly their easiest to learn songs
Alot of their songs that aren't off city of evil are pretty easy except the solos.

As for solos try the gunslinger and danger line ones. They're easy but work on getting bends in pitch and making your vibrato sound assertive.
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Almost Easy is what it says it is. The solo is quite complex but the rest of the song is fairly easy. Or 'almost easy' if you will
I know a few A7x songs and to be honest all of the solos are pretty hard. I would recommend being quite fluent with alternate picking and sweep picking, as Syn uses these quite often> Even chromatic exercises are quite helpful as he uses these in a few solos like bat country
e.g E--9-10-11-12-11-10-9-10-11 etc etc
Dancing dead (i think its called) is a pretty easy song in terms of riffs but i still cant really play the solo.. I'd also suggest seize the day. Even the solo isnt too hard but again if you can't sweep pick, you probably wont be able to play that section at the end. And almost easy Love that **** :P