I am tired and weary wandering the same worn passes for so long
I have only one wish written down on my lips
An idea creeping in my mind like a worm through an apple
I saw the rising and falling of many suns bright on the sky
I saw the never ending tidings of the sea bursting on a wall of stone
I am doomed doomed with a gift of life
Cursed to wander until the end
The end of time
Overall good, but there are little nuances that I'd change (personally just because they're pet peeves).

First, probably the smallest gripe, is "the end of time." Very rarely do I enjoy reading that, it always feels so cliché. Also I'd change at least one of the "doomed"s into cursed, I feel like that flows and sounds a bit better in that context. Then used doomed for the second to last line, I think it makes more sense by the literal meaning to have it there.

I like the word play, the sickening idea that one of your very own ideas can be at times a stranger that's rotting your mind. I've been there, and it's really familiar. Good imagery as well with the "bursting on a wall of stone," a constant barrage and ebbing against will to continue on. Gets the point across nicely.