I recently bought a Saffire pro 40 interface for recording. On the back, there are two firwire 400 inputs, and a midi IN and midi OUT inputs.


1) Do i use BOTH firwires? What is the purpose of those firwewire?

2) Is it okay to buy an adaptor for my firwire 400 so it fits the firewire on my macbook pro? / where and what can i buy for a usb AND firewire port?

3) What's the purpose of the midi in and out? and where do i usually connect it to?

THANKS! I'm just a beginner. The "lower" vocab you use, the better! Thanks again! Just put a number or something to your answer so i know which question you're answering
You only need to use 1 of the firewire ports.

There are cables that go from the end that you need for the Pro 40, to the end you need for your macbook.

The midi in and out is to send MIDI CC through the interface. Wouldn't worry too much about that unless you understand it and need it.
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