Ive been using my Verbzilla for around a year and a half, no problems whatsoever. I power it using a 9v pedal power 2

I trying plugging in different spots and using a different pedal but I believe I have isolated the problem down to the Verbzilla.

Put it simply today it just stopped accepting power it seems, the signal wont pass through.

Am I screwed or is there a way to fix this.

Probably the last line 6 product ill ever buy
Im guessing its because I didnt have it plugged into the line 6 port on my pedal power, it worked for over a year. When I first got it I thought as long as it was 9v Dc but guess not.
on top of that im having trouble even finding a verbzilla module to replace it with, can only find a few and they are like 100$, might as well buy a new pedal
This happened to me once....the switch had shorted.
Give it to a tech and see what he says.

Don't let this be your last line 6 purchase because of this one incident!
They have some incredible products.
Think im just going to say f it, im probably going to buy a twin reverb soon and will just use the verb off that. I have a VoxAC50CC that I dont really like, but I like my Vox ACTV4 but it didnt have verb for the bedroom