I know ive made quite a few threads about building a body, but i just need a little more info

So i guess im going to buy thisrouter

if i cant get away without using this cutout tool

but im not sure if that one would be more useful or this one

im wondering if i would need all three though? do you know?

also going to buy these router bits. PLEASE correct me if im not thinking about this correctly, because this is my first time actually buying any power tools.

So if ANYONE can help please! I will give you all my internets
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If it were me, I'd go with the smaller router, easier to finesse shapes without having to manhandle the big giant thing around. As for bits, template bits are so nice to use because you can do one shallow pass to get the shape right, and from then on out you just hold it against the edge and the bearing keeps everything in check. Or you could just mount on a template and buzz away!
I'd go with the first router (the 1.5HP one), it will handle everything. If you start using a 0.5HP router too much you could burn it out... I just burnt out my 1200W router yesterday and it's only done two guitars!

As for bits, don't get those the straight cutter bits, get template cutter bits - http://www.axminster.co.uk/axcaliber-flush-trim-cutters-top-bearing--1-4%28635mm%29-prod805335/

They look the same but have a bearing on them. If you make a template from MDF or plywood, etc, the bearing follows the template and replicates the shape perfectly. Using those straight cutters will mean doing it freehand because they'll burn or cut into any template you use.

The only straight cutter bit I use is a 1/4" for my truss rod channels because I'm running the router against a guide so no templates involved.

You won't need all three, especially as this is your first build.
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+1 on the top-follower bit. You'll probably only need two as well: one bigger one to get rid of most of the stuff and a fine one to trim around the edges, seeing as the big ones can't get into small corners. Also, for the big one, get one which has a flat cutting face so you plunge or lower the router and cut on the way down. The one in the link ^ doesn't cut in the center very well, and i've had issues with chattering and chip-outs using these for plunging.

Here's a plunging one from the same site: http://www.axminster.co.uk/axcaliber-twin-flute-straight-cutters-with-bottom-cut-insert-prod810000/
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A plunge router will do just fine. That is what i use on all my projects at home. They can handle basically any routing required for guitar making. The plunge function is nice too because you can set exact depths for your routes. You get what you pay for with routers though. I would get something more high quality the first time around so that it lasts longer and performs better. More expensive now, but it will save you $$ in the long run.
thanks for the help guys! Looks like im going to return the smaller router
Really Appreciate it!
The secret to good routing is the same as with any wood working tools..........they got to be sharp. Blunt tools will cause chatter and make routing a chore and noisy. Get a router that will take 1/2 cutters and guide bush rings. the roller cutters are ok for trimming small amounts and making templates but if the bearing ceases or comes loose..........well disaster will ensue. The 1/2 routers also can accomodate smaller collets to use smaller shanked bits.
Go for the big one and two flute 1/2 t/carbide tipped cutters.