I have had this acoustic guitar for a little over 3 to 4 months... there's just 1 problem with it though the strings arr messed up. Every time I try to put my fingers on 1 of the frets it doesn't sound right especially on the high e string it sounds like 1 sound to a certain point. For example when I hit fret number 5 it sounds like number 5 all way down to fret number 9. it gradually gets worse as you go higher on the each string. on the e string it sounds the same ole up until fret 16. Any ideas on how to help?
Take it to your local guitar shop and have them check it out. I had a problem similar to this one and the guy that owns the guitar shop close to my house had it ready to play by the next day.
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I had the same problem. I had a guy whose been into guitar for years tell me that the strings are too loose and worn, and that you should think about replacing the ones that make the sound. If you know how to go about replacing them, go ahead. If you don't, take it to a friend or a shop.
sounds like you need a setup for sure. Take it to your local shop. It should be around $30 so no big deal.
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Get new strings and take it for a setup to a guitar shop. It seems that you may have intonation problems IMO.
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I don't think this is Gravedig...But I replaced the Strings...still have the same problem. :/ halp.