I searchbar'd and found nothing relevant.

Anyhow, after an adventure last Friday involving rum and musical instruments, I discovered that I can actually kinda play the banjo. I did some pretty cool licks without really knowing about the instrument, but clearly I have a background in guitar. Anyhow, I bought one of my own from a pawn shop on Monday. So far I've been using Youtube videos to learn a few things, and I feel like I've been catching on fairly well.

Unfortunately, there is not an ultimate-banjo.com. The few songs I've learned were picked up by ear and/or by Youtube. I can't find online banjo tabs anywhere. If anyone knows where I can find banjo tabs, that would be cool. I'm open to really anything that uses a banjo, from folk rock to bluegrass and beyond.

What's best is now I can call myself a REAL Tennessean! [/sarcasm]

Anyone else here play? I'm sure there has to be at least a few pickers here!
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Nope, but I wish I did. My dad has one he never uses, but I think I broke the lock on the case trying to open it last time...
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I was trying to describe Third Eye Blind to one of my friends and she was like, "so it sounds like this" and starts making banjo noises and hand motions. I just shook my head and laughed. I don't know though. If I ever get the time i might try to play one one day.
If you go into the acoustic sections of Guitar Centers or other music stores, there are banjo tab books around. You could probably even order a couple off Musicians Friend. As far as free tab sites, I have no idea.
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you know, one time i was in school playing my banjo, and this guy comes up to me and says that he plays banjo too, and so he was playing a little bit, and then he said he liked Megadeth, so i started playing Hangar 18, and we then we spent half an hour trying to figure out better ways to play the fills and solos. good times man.

EDIT: there are some guitar pro and power tab files of banjo songs on UG.
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