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Yea it was opposite
103 48%
No it wasn't
91 42%
I can't raise my eyebrow :(
21 10%
Voters: 215.
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Left handed, raised my left eyebrow. Poorly though I should mention.
I can't raise only one eyebrow.
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I can only raise my right eyebrow, and I'm right dominant. I had to teach myself to do it, though.
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ZOMG science
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I actually raised both when I first tried, but on second go it was on the same side as my dominant.
Right handed but I can raise my left.
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I can lift both individually to make a wave motion

but i usually do my right side first which is half my dominant side cause i do alot righthanded but i write left handed and other stuff left handed.
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Im right dominant, and i think when something happens to automatically make me raise an eyebrow, its my left, but i can raise both of them one at a time when i want.
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise

Righty, but my dominant is the left eyebrow, I can't just lift my right one.
Right handed and right eyebrow. I can lift both but not the left one independently.
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Right handed. Raised left, can't raise right.


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Second you dance.
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Left side, because according to my Psych class the left side of the face is more expressive.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
I am right handed. raised my left.

though I can do both. just my left one is my preferred brow...

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Raised my left eyebrow, am right handed. I can raise my right eyebrow, but it doesn't look quite right.
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I can raise each of them, but the right one (I'm right-handed) feels more natural.
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I can only raise my right eyebrow, and I'm right dominant. I had to teach myself to do it, though.

me too
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right handed, right eyebrow. Problem, science? *trollface.jpg*
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I'm right handed. I can raise both of my eyebrows, but i'm slightly better at raising my left. i'm pretty sure my left eye is my dominant eye too.
I cant raise either
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December 14, 2017
I can raise both, and neither feels better than the other.
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I'm right handed and can only raise my left eyebrow on it's own. I taught myself to do it by copying a poster of the Rock when I was like 7
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I can only raise both eyebrows together, not one at a time
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I can't raise only one eyebrow.

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