Hello, I'm brand new to recording, and my band wants to start to record our own songs. Funds are limited, and we want to be able to record short demos.

What would I need to record?

Also could I use this:
To record full songs with two guitars, a singer, bass and drums? I would assume so because It would not require 8 tracks.

For mics I am thinking about getting a the popular Shure microphone (right now the name escapes me, maybe SM57)

Thanks in advanced, any knowledge you can contribute is great!
Marshall TSL100h

Carvin Bolt
that would do the job. don't know how good it actually is though. as for mics:
shure sm57 and 58 are industry standard for guitars snares and male rock vocals. probably bass as well.
you'll want some form of condensor mic if you want half decent sounding vocals otherwise, and a d112 for the bass drum.
you'll also need something to use as overhead mic's for the drums, but can't think of specific makes/models of the top of my head. also, you could D.I. the bass. I tend to do that as well as mic'ing it up.

hope this helps to some extent
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AKG C1000 S give good results as Drum overheads. You'll want a half decent interface too. If you're a band on a budget i'd highly recommend not doing home recordings as half decent results are costly, especially in the microphone department.