I was just now reading the "Stupid roommate crap you have to put up with" thread, and a question occurred to me. Why exactly do American college residences have dorm rooms rather than single bedrooms? What genius came up with the idea of taking two 18 year olds who are complete strangers, and making them share a bedroom? I (and I'm sure a lot of others) found it bad enough having to share a room with my brother, I can only imagine it would be worse with some random guy.
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You can get singles, just the majority are doubles or triples. You're usually moving away from your home, so I think they wanted to stimulate your social life, and make money off of you.
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to save space, which is kinda ironic because, well, look at how most buildings are built here, built with more length and width, rather than height
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Its somewhat of a good idea. You can end up with a bad roommate, or you can have a really good one. It really introduces you to a lot of stuff, which can be good if you get a cool roommate.

I credit my freshman roommate with helping me come out of my shell. Before I let people walk all over me, never really did anything fun and spent all my time studying or doing nothing. Yes there were times that I hated living with him for some of the things he did but it helps out with social development.
Saves space. One-person dorms are more expensive
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It actually prepares you for marriage because you get used to living and sleeping in the same room as someone you didnt grow up with, although this isn't the colleges reason.
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