hey guys whats up...

i've recently bought a Peavey Classic 30 and now im looking for some good pedals. I enjoy playing Carlos santana, led zeppelin, red hot chili peppers, metallica etc.

The Peavey Classic 30 is a great amp, it plays everything amazingly....but seeing as to how my pedal selection is low (a whopping 1...a digitech rp355) i figured i should buy a few more to get a more diverse sound.

I know this is a pretty short summary but here it is:

Set up:
Epiphone les Paul w/ stock pickups
Peavey classic 30
Digitech rp355

i would like to keep the budget below 160$ PER PEDAL....i've got about 300$ i cant spend on pedals, which allows me to get 3 decent pedals, 2 good pedals, or possibly 1 REALLY good pedal (based off random prices i've seen of pedals)

i've been told to get the MI Audio Pro Crunch Box Distortion pedal and the Electro-harmonix XO Metal Muff...

recommendations are (as always) welcome

ive got a Hendrix fuzz face and fulltone OCD i put mine through

both those sound better with single coil guitars though, IMO
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ah well...ya...lol, one of my friends has a Fender Strat and i've gotta say...its tone kicks my LPs butt HARD lol
Mate of mine used to use a Marshall Bluesbraker II pedal and a USA Big Muff with his classic 30 and he got some amazing blues tones out of them.

But that said, the overdrive channel on the amp itself is absolutely fantastic to start with, I'd fork out the cash to get a peavey footswitch and tinker with that as well, then use the pedals to add colour.