I don't know if there is a limit to how much you can post in a certain amount of time, but I've been on a lyrical streak, and wrote a second piece today for the S&L forum, I hope I'm not breaking any rules, I tried to find a rule guide, but was kind of lost.

Anyway, here it is.

The House That Doubt Destroyed:

The weather stained steps creak and warp to the sound of the pattering rain
The broken windows reflect the emotions spread throughout the room
Ripe with vegitation, the walls begin to morph with which grows on its very surface
The floors crawl throughout the foundation, heavy with the weight of depression

Off the beaten path, the trees surround and live throughout the dilapidated house
The thunder echoes through the canyon below and the wind releases a soft breeze throughout the knee high weeds.
Desolate of human life, the soundtrack is muffled with bugs crying out and weeping.
Shadows reflect upon the canopies, sunlight filtering through.

Damp dirt trails through the forest, the sweet smell of rotting would wafts through the air.
This house; deserted for decades, shown through torn paint and broken shingles.
Skies above match the color of it's walls, gray and bleak, chipping away to the timber.
If someone happens to pass by, they can hear it moan, personifying it's aesthetics to that of a withered old man, counting days until he crumbles, and becomes one with the earth again.

Thanks for reading guys, c4c.

Yes, poop.