I'm having trouble getting the bending down in the Tornado of Souls solo by Megadeth. It feels like most of the bends are off-tempo and it's really hard to pick them apart from the song at speed. I can get the faster sweep and hammer-on/pull-off sections down pretty easily, but my bending just sucks. I love Marty to death but I just can't nail his style.

Anyone have any tips?
I remember watching videos of marty, he has a strange style, esp the way he attacks the string (chicken claw picking!). Besides the weird picking style, really listen to the bend carefully (slow it down even using a program), and listen to the speed he bends it at, if its prebended, if the bend changes speed during the bend itself, whether his vibratos are fast or slow, wide or small etc. etc.

From memory most of the bends in tornado of souls are slow in bending speed and most of them are half-step bends (correct me if I'm wrong). But yeah, the only thing you can do is really listen to it and see how it attacks the string (via live videos and whatnot)