Well here goes , I am going to buy an amp, I originaly wanted a 50 watt Marshal tube , after talking to my brother he says Line 6 . I know nothing about any of them I just want an amp that does all the good stuff folks need . I will be plugging my new 61 reissue SG into it so I figure I should get something nice . Any and all sugestions considdered . Understand I am a begginer but I'm not buyin some little luchbox amp to learn on , I want sound delux ! I will be playing rock country and any thing I like , hopefuly some day a little Gilmore etc . Next I bought strap locks , forget the name but they are very popular and come on some Fendr custome shop guitars . Problem is I want to reuse the stock screws on my SG to mount them , The front one went fine ,but the back one has a bigger diameter screw and wont fit even after I drilled it , it will not recess enough to work . Do any of you know the fix for this ? I'll buy another set no problem I just need to know what works . Thanx for you help
get the marshall

line 6's are crappy sounding pieces of shit

also, you shouldnt be tone chasing before you even know what tone is. learn to play and then worry about gear

it doesnt matter how good your amp sounds if you cant play for shit...
Use a smaller screw with the problem straplock and put toothpicks in the hole.
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as long as that 50 watt marshall tube doesn't have the words "valvestate" or "MA" in the model name anywhere you have a chance, just throwing that out there.
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Update bought a used fender hotrod deville for now .................

I was just about to recommend that. Grab a boost for the rock stuff and you are good to go. For country, you are doing quite well (although i prefer teles when i have to play that stuff)
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