I'm currently building an all black everything strat with a SSS route. I'm doing something sort of unconventional and I'm only putting in two pickups (neck and bridge, no middle). I don't really know much about strat style pickups though because all of my other guitars have humbuckers so I was wondering what would be a pretty good combination for two strat pickups. I need this guitar to be pretty versatile. I usually play rock/funk/jazz probably in that order. So something creamy sounding and maybe something with a little higher output would be cool.
I have two criteria it must follow:
1) must come in all black (like no silver dots even). Either like ALL black or black rails are cool unless you have an idea for me how to cover the pickups all black
2) my budget is 175ish for both of them (I can maybe go slightly over but not much more)

I like my GFS rail pickup. I only have a 6K in the neck, but its pretty good. AMAZING for funk.
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