Jackson JS32T Kelly: Achieving?

Hey, Ultimate Guitarists.

I'm an experienced teenage guitar player, and my SE Special Squier by Fender guitar is kind of... well, trashed. Let's just say that the bridge is 4 centimeters off the body, and that the tremolo arm is in 2 pieces.

So, I'm upgrading to a Jackson JS32T Kelly, from Axe Music Edmonton. It costs $349.99. The problem is, I'm restricted to the amount of cash I can make. I live in the country on an acreage, meaning jobs are out of the question. I only earn $7 a week (through "allowance"), and raises are out of question also. I'm selling my old Squier to a beginning friend for $75, and my Hot Head distortion pedal to my cousin for $50.

In total, I have $125 to start with (hopefully). I was wondering if there was a way to earn a bit more cash... I'd like to have that Kelly by next month. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm not making you, but if you're feeling generous, I wouldn't mind if you threw a few bucks my way... [mod edit] begging URL removed*

Thank you Ultimate Guitarists.
Well, you have the 'Sell Sh**' method down.
Try asking your parents to chip in or maybe an advance in your allowance.
Or work for your pops.
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Want want want want want

Buy your own bloody guitar!
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