So I just started writing a song earlier and just wanted to know what people think of it, if its actually any good so far. Its only two guitars right now. I'm not exactly good at writing chord progressions so eh, you tell me. I may add in drums later.
C4C as alway. (Mock Off is also the name of my band just in case you're wondering about the title)
Really dig the mellow mood, I think the biggest thing you'd need to do to improve this is to give more time for your notes to sink it at certain points,because right now it's almost as if the song is just one big improvised solo over a backing track.

I also feel that bar 20 - 21 doesn't fit. Other then that solid song, keep working at it.
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Yeah, I also got the impression that it sounds like a big improv solo which is the only thing I don't really like. If worst comes to worst, I could always make this song into a solo for another song haha. Sort of sounds like something that'd be at the end of an album too, but eh.