Personal opinions on it as a 2nd guitar? I've been thinking about getting one since im more into rock/pop rock. Right now i have a Bullet Strat and a Vox Valvetronix amp. Don't get me wrong i love my strat but i kind of want something more suited to the type of music i like.
Played one in uni's studios today. Was pretty sweet but I only had it for a couple of hours so I can't tell you much more than that it played pretty well and had a nice tone. Not a patch on my esp but definitely something I could work with more often.
edit: I was playing old heavy metal through a mediocre fender amp, black sabbath to be precise. Worked pretty well for that.
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Yeah, my strat has nice tone but i don't feel like its suited well to the type of music i want to play. Sometime next week after class i'll head to the GC in town to spend some legit time playing one.
I like them. They catch a lot of shit here, some undeserved, some deserved. A lot of the subsitutes, like Agile and LTD, aren't the same. I love their necks, and while I enjoy LTDs they're not the same, and the only Agile I played was pretty sub-mediocre.

Also, rock/pop-rock are two of the widest genres, especially when you're talking about music for a guitar. Name some artists whose sound you really like and we can help a lot, lot more.
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Sorry, you're right that is a pretty broad genre. But i like The Audition, alkaline trio, matchbook romance, silverstein, boys night out the wonder years(minus the synthesizer they have in some songs).
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Steer clear of the LP100 is my advice, everyone of them I've picked up has felt like junk. Bad controls, bridges with rough edges, bad frets, bad action and just plain didn't feel nice. That's not to say you couldn't possibly find a nice one but those have been my personal experiences.
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I see in your sig you have a Les Paul Jr. How do you like it? Is it alot smaller in size?
My bass player's guitar is an Epi LP Standard and I love playing it. It's got Grover tuners and Alnico V's (I think). Anyways it has areally has a nice punchy but clear sound to it and the intonation/action have stayed perfect through the years (and he does take care of it). Also it has a set neck which is nice too. The only thing is the neck shape is not really my cup of tea, but I like Fenders, ESP and Ibby necks, so that's to be expected. Definitely not a deal breaker though.

The great thing about these guitars is that you can find them on the bay for 200-300 dollars with shipping, so they're usually a bargain. It'll definitely work well with the Valvetronix.
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I see in your sig you have a Les Paul Jr. How do you like it? Is it alot smaller in size?

It's a full scale guitar, the difference between that and a standard LP is it has a flat top (like the LP Special), stop bar bridge rather than a Tune-o-matic and a single humbucker pickup. I'm quite fond of it. It's low end for sure but mine seems fairly well constructed and the pickup has a nice sound to it, good for drive on rock/metal sounds, especially out of that valve amp. This was my first electric guitar I bought but still the one I play the most. You have to be careful though as the quality can vary greatly depending on when and where it was made. Some are proper solid body but some are plywood :|
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Yeah I don't think i'll go with the JR. I'll probably go with the Epiphone Studio Les Paul for 300 if i do go with one. I prefer the 2 humbuckers, along with having a pickguard.
I have a LP Standard in black and it plays and sounds great. I noticed a few minor cosmetic flaws when I got it new, but they were minor. Careful on ebay. I bought two that came with cracked necks before I gave up and bought a new one.

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I have a LP Studio in the Artic White finish which I got a couple of years ago and, I love it. The standards are great sounding guitars also, but I'm 52 years old and the studio is a lot lighter for a old bastard like me. Stay away from the LP-100 and the Jrs. Not worth the money and they sound like shit.
i had one for about 13 years a 1999 korean (in my profile) just traded it for a gibson, but it was hard letting it go, what a nice tone and it was looked after... a well played in guitar....

some lucky bugger will get it
I think they are pretty solid. I really don't like the neck profiles very much - but I do like the new Epi LP Traditional Pro's neck feel a lot more.
I never hear anyone mention these, but I have an Epi LP Ultra (Not the Ultra II). Its a chambered LP, weighs 5.5 lbs, and when i was guitar shopping I was still in the "LP's are not for me and I will never own one" stage. Nothing against them, they just never appealed to me. After 3 hours of playing everything in my price range and not finding the guitar for me, I was about to leave, when I said to myself, at least play an LP. I chose the Epi Ultra to try, and from the first chord I knew it was for me. Still have it 3 years later and still love it as much as i did when I brought it home. Played the stock pickups until 2 months ago when I put a set of SD's in it. Its an awesome guitar. If you are checking out Epi LP's, be sure to give the Ultra a look.
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I had an Epi LP Custom for a little while, the action was great, it sounded really good, the finish was nice but I noticed a couple of little blems and I suppose I could have brought it back to the store, but I didn't mind enough to. The problem, for me, was that it never felt right. i don't know if it was the scale(I play Telecasters generally) or the body shape or what, it just never felt comfortable to me. I ended up trading it for a Toyota 4runner though.
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I like the idea of the Studios being lighter and at 300-375 that fits in my price range.
I bought a new LP standard in 96' and love it. I installed EMGs right after I bought it and today I actually changed over to locking tuners. Some of the hardware is on the cheap side. The bridge and tailpiece is on the corroded side. I owned a second LP standard identical to it as a backup guitar. This guitar had EMGs also. The two sounded a little different. I have tried several Gibsons and I am happy to report I liked the Epi better. Probably because I had the action setup the way I wanted and the pickups I chose. I will never sell this guitar. It has a lot of sentimental value and I don't see a reason to replace it.
I own an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and I'm all over it. It's a great guitar and I would only buy another guitar to use it along with, not to replace it. Compared to the Gibson Les Paul Studios that I've played, the Epiphone Standard is a great buy, because the Studios aren't (that much) better than the Epi Stds. Throw some new pickups in it and it'll serve you right.
Im glad to hear good things about the Epiphone Studios and Standards. I don't think im can afford much more than $400 since Im a student and i just bought a new Seagull S6 acoustic last month.

Monday after classes i think i'll head over to the Guitar Center in the town i go to school in since there'ss not one where i i live and spend some time with a Epi Studio and standard. I just feel a little awkward playing in GC's as i've only been playing alittle more than a year.
I still get that and I've been playing a couple of years. Most of the guys at guitar shops are pretty respectful and realise that as musicians we're all learning, forever. So they don't mind if you're not a great player. It's important that you at least get the feel for how it is in your hands so you could do that unplugged and for a demo on sound ask one of the guys to play for you if you're that nervous.
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My advice? It's your second guitar. Epiphone Les Paul Standards are pretty nice, no experience with the Studio models though.
Epiphone's entry-level stuff is pretty bad, though. But you shouldn't be concerned with entry-level stuff for your second guitar.

EDIT: As far as playing at GC goes, I usually study in an "inspection riff" before going.
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I played the old zakk wylde one with passive emgs and i loved it, it felt really nice to play and had a nice weight to it aswell
theyre good for the money. Id suggest you just go try alot of them out, i tried maybe 20 of these at my local store and didnt end up buying one. went for an epiphone dot instead.

I think for your 2nd guitar, go try lots of stuff out, different things and try to play them on your amp in store if they have it. Learn a few riffs well so you can compare the feel and sound playing the same things. and just try out everything in your price range, you will be surprised with what appeals to you when its in your hands and not on the shelf.
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I played the old zakk wylde one with passive emgs and i loved it, it felt really nice to play and had a nice weight to it aswell

this, i actually think that the epiphone zakk wylde les pauls are among the best that they do.. even though they aren't really my type of thing. the maple necks improve sustain and balance out the tone which is a little on the muddy side with a lot of epi LPs, and the EMGs are a lot cleaner and clearer sounding than the regular epiphone stock pickups, too.

either way, quality wise an epiphone les paul studio or standard would be a big step up from your squier bullet strat - it will sound and feel a lot different though.
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The good news for you TS is that the Epi STD was just reduced in price to $399 new. I would not recommend going for any model lower than that. Specials, LP100s are starter guitars at best.
Try afew out and you'll be sure to find one I'm sure that'll be good for you.
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I have a mid-90's Epi LP standard and it is a solid guitar. I swapped out the lifeless stock pickups for a SD '59/Jazz set and the guitar sounds terrific.
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Yeah i just noticed they were only about 50 more than the studios. So i'm definitely going to try out the Standards, Studios, and maybe the Gibson SGs. I just want something for a different sound than what my Bullet gives me.
I owned an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus for about 2 years. I liked it, but when I bought more expensive guitars I decided to sell it. My complaints would have to be soft fretwire that wore down quite fast, bad pickup-switch and muddy pickups. I would still recommend it though. The Grover-tuners on them are the best tuners I know; quite nice to have. Oh, and beware of the strap-buttons - mine fell off on the first day! (Nothing some tooth-picks and glue couldn't fix though)
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