I just posted but no one helped out.
I'm building an all black strat and I need two single coil pickups for the neck and bridge position. I play rock/funk/jazz. What would you guys suggest? The only requirement is that they must come in all black like emg black or black rails. no silver showing
^ Haha! yes agreed. Chill out. But I'd say throw a black double rail in the bridge (hot rails or a fast track)..i know you're thinking single coils but funk/rock calls for a little extra sometimes in the bridge. But the neck is up to you, not sure if there are black Noiseless's --actually wait, i hope there are, that would be niiice for the dark look
oh my god! a whole hour! what is wrong with people here! they should respond instantly!

post all what pickup questions in the what pickup sticky. and learn some patience.