Title was taken from Disney's Aladin. From the balcony scene before the magic carpet ride....after boring you here is my lyric, which hopefully isn't as boring

Verse 1
And if I fight this hard, then it must be love.
And if I’m just a boy chasing the girl, it’s at least a crush.
I’m doing what I can for just a chance.
Reaching out for you, hoping you’ll slow down.
I’m running out plans and I’m running out of time.
All I wanna do is take your hand.
And runaway into the skyline.

We could burn this town to the mother ****ing ground.
If you take my hand and we don’t look back
We could use a fresh start, be the best thing around.
If you take my hand and we never say goodbye
But you’re afraid to try. So you walk, walk away from me.

Verse 2
Wasting my day on our old porch swing,
Listening to our summer soundtrack
Thinking how we butchered each song we tried to sing along
Wishing that things could only be different
Cause it feels right when we’re alone
And between you and I just for fun
We could runaway into the summer sun

(Chorus repeat)

So today with a snap of your fingers
Whispered in my ear and made it tough to breathe
You took my hand. You struck the match.
Made me promise that we don’t look back
Stuck in an endless time
As we disappeared into the skyline.
Quote by Spartan God36

We could burn this town to the mother ****ing ground.

Stopped reading here.

Not really, but come, the fuck on. I'm tired of people saying this. It doesn't mean anything. Realistically, the piece is decent. It's cliché, but there have been a lot worse.
The end's the only part that really stuck out to me. Nothing special, just better than the rest of it.