I've been a gamer longer than I have a musician, and for the past few months or so i've found myself almost listening to game music more than "real" music. Megaman, Castlevania, etc. A bunch of sound tracks ended up on my iPod. And today I decided to give 8-bit music a shot, so I wrote this in guitar pro and then used some converter, nothing fancy.

A LOT of people will probably be turned off by the sound, but that distorted un-mixed sound that will turn off people is almost the sound that im going for. I just wanted to recreate that feeling of an NES on an old tv.

I had a ton of fun making this, but I think it would be smart to get some opinions before I continue making horrible things.

And yeah, its short. But I figure thats probably the only way I could get people to listen to it.

Loved it!

Bring some of that flavor to the radiohead cover album

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that was awesome!
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