I had to repair a broken input jack in my b52 lg100a head, so I bought a new 9 pin jack and soldered it in. but for some reason when I plug in my guitar theres this loud hum on the clean and distortion channel. I can hear the guitar perfectly, but theres this abundance of hum when I'm not playing.

I looked around and tried to find the source, but was unable to. I plugged in an mp3 player, and the music I played through it sounded fine, so it might be the cable. I won't be to find outifthats the issue until tomorrow.
I had the circuit baed out, and touched my input solder points (9pin) and 3 of 9 buzzed. I can take a photo of it.
Sounds like a heater issue if it is on 3 of the 9 pins.

Which pins make the hum?

Take a picture of the area too.
so it's like...

3 rows of pins, 1 at the very top.

So Pins # 5, 8, and 9.

If you were to hold the input with the end that inserts the plug into towards the sky.

I'll get a photo asap.