What are you saying? Whats the point of this thread?
Hello Will You Be My Freind?
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i knocked a girl up once but thank the lord it died inside her

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Guitar-guy69 your the best

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my penis floats when its in the water so it always looks hard

Hello my name is guy i like my women naked and aroused lol
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You don't even have all the Android capable phones there. What gives, nigga?


If you're asking if my phone has android, no. I don't even know if android existed when I bought my phone. I am gonna pick one up next year as a birthday gift when my plan's up though.
Yeah, I have the LG Ally. It's pretty cool. Internet speed is eh, though.. Sometimes things have to force close. But I won't complain, the phone was $50 bucks with a contract.
I never take an android camping with me, and if I did I certainly wouldn't let it have my phone.
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I have seen the last one on the net. There’s a page called lightinthebox.com and they have a handsome supply of these.
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You don't need a phone, what you need is a fleshlight.

What he really needs is a new amp.

MC name = Bearrorism
Android has my phone, yes.

I'm using the non-HD version of the Desire. Incredible phone. Was pretty exciting the few weeks before I went to buy it.
Just got Thunderbolt ; by far most amazing phone I've ever owned. Except that it can't hold a god damn charge...