Hey guys I actually hate to post this here but I have no other place to go

so I have a few days left to fill my financial aid form for AUBG (it's american university in Bulgaria). Anyways I don't get some of the papers I have to submit with it.
English is not the official language in my country (armenia) and I actually have no clue about some of the lines here:

1. Certificates that show gross and net income with monthly distribution up to date of application. Such a document is required for every working member of the family, including yourself. [None of my family members are employed: dad is an independent artist and I work on my own giving private guitar lessons and just repairing/setting up guitars, what shall I do? Also what does that monthly distribution mean?]

2. Copies of the Annual Tax Declarations for last year’s taxable income (including any private business activity, possession of shares in private/public companies, rent received from real estate lending, and any other additional income) for every
working member of the family, including yourself. [hah again none is applicable, I can't really get a paper for my dad's income since it's not constant, he might just sell a couple of paintings once in awhile but that is not done in papers]

3. Certificate proving absence of trade activities issued by the respective Tax Authorities. Attached to it, each parent needs to present a notary verified declaration in which she/he explicitly states that she/he does not practice trade activities in
one form or another and that she/he does not have an income and immovable property with the exception of the declared ones. The declaration should explicitly bear the information that parents are aware of the penal prosecution they would be
subject to under the Penal Law in case of breaching the declaration requirements. [erm I don't quite get this one, oh wait is it just like "I hereby state that I do not own any other income or immovable property other than the ones provided in the form" ?]

4. Certificates for family savings issued by the bank. [this is the bank balance certificate right?]

5. Certificates from the Bureau of Labor for the unemployed members of the family indicating the amount of unemployment compensation received. [this is quite problematic since I am a Russian Citizen and I live in Armenia, but I'm not even registered here. any ideas as whom I shall contact for this?]
6. Certificates for pensions including the amount received. [this one does not apply really]

7. Copies of courts decisions in the case of divorced parents. In addition, the parent needs to present a certificate about his/her current marital status issued by the respective authorities. Complete financial information must be provided for
both parents even if divorced. [does not apply ]

8. Alimony certificates. [again does not apply ]

9. Copies of death certificate(s) in case of deceased parent(s). Attached to it, the parent needs to present a marital status and next of kin certificate issued by the respective authorities. [does not apply fiewf ]

10. Certificates for medical disability or medical problems. [does not apply ]

11. Registration documents for all vehicles owned by members of the family or private business owned by family members. [heh guess none]

12. Certificates of ownership for all property (homes, apartment or land) owned by family members. [this one is clear as well]

so basically I had all those problems filling in the form about the income since I can't really say I have any fixed income, like official income.
also I am 20 already and I could be living alone from them and actually do not get much support from them if any at all. shall I still fill the form about my family income?

help is appreciated
I'm going to put this in the names of the US Forms needed... I don't know the equivalent of your country's.

1. W-2 (work form). Since it appears your father is self employed, he most likely will not have one, and will need to apply to your government for a 1099- MISC (miscellanious) form where he can put in his guess of how much he made. You probably won't have to do this since it appears your money is under the table, however the university will be suspicious if your father has no income (will come back to this later).

2. 1040 forms for your taxes. I'm guessing they want your previous tax summary your family filed last year. It appears you didn't file, but your parents most likely did. A copy of this form should do fine.

3. I believe this just means a form signed saying your family doesnt have any income on the side that is not reported. You should be able to slide, but yet again you father needs to report his painting income in the above form (1099- MISC) and then he will be free to sign the form mentioned in this question saying there is no side income.

4. You last month savings/spending bank statements from yourbank should do. To be on the safe side you may want to request a copy of your last 12 months of bank activity to be on the safe side. This is basically a check that your father isnt reporting 1,000 income a year but you have deposits of 10,000. That looks fishy and suspicious and combined with the form in 3 saying no side income will get you busted.

5. Seems its only needed if someone in your family is unemployeed and has filed for unemployment. Your father is either going to need the 1099-MISC or a paper saying he has applied for unemployment, one or the other.

6-12. you seem to understand

I work as an accountant in the US, thats the best i got for you. Good luck. Most forms you may need you should find at ( or mail letter to) the local Bureau of Labor wherever you live
Yeah, you need to fill the form about family income because even if you aren't getting support, you're still living with them, hence they need to be included in the form. The premise is that if your parents make a ton of money, then you don't need to have a scholarship or loan given to you.

Kind of an odd way of doing it, because they don't know how your parents spend money, but that's how it is.

I'm pretty sure dewey's got the rest of it covered.
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