I heard weird shit a long time ago (proabably black metal?) where some guy recorded the sounds of crazy people screaming as a song, and he reffered to the album as "Some ****ed up shit". The musicians name may have had "Frost" or something in it, but for Black metal, that doesnt narrow it down much.
Anyone know what im talking about?
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Pretty sure that's Stalaggh

The next recording was the vocals session which took place in the chapel of an old monastery that was no longer in use. The acoustics and atmosphere of that chapel were perfect for recording the howls and screams of the mentally insane. It was very hard to get access to that chapel, but we told the owner that we were doing this as a kind of scream therapy for the mental patients and finally he gave us permission.
For several hours all 7 mental patients screamed out all the insanity, pain and fear while the sounds recorded earlier in the factory were playing in the background.

I can take a road that'll see me through.
Damn, I've never actually listened to Celtic Frost
I can take a road that'll see me through.