im really getting into blues recently but ive only been listening to rock type blues and country blues, what other kinds is there and good example of people to listen to.
plus do you guys have any tips on helping with "gaining a knowledge of a genre" apart from just improvising in 12 bar.

many thanks
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Go further back, check out robert Johnson, howling wolf, muddy waters, bb king etc.

i have
better shred than dead
I just got hip to this guy, his name is Jason Ricci. He's amazing with a harp.

This one might remind people in the know of the J. Geils Band's "Whammer Jammer" in a few spots.
"The Blowzone Layer"

Here's some nasty slinky N'awlinz/Tom Waits type shit.
"Broken Toy"

He does an incredible cover of "Afro Blue", I'm sure there are enough people around here who are familiar with that song; can't say I've ever imagined it being played on a harp before though... I've messed around with this song myself, and caught myself playing shit from "My Favorite Things" a la Coltrane. My ego told me that that was pretty cool, then I find that I'm probably one of the last in a long list.
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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Buddy Guy
Joe Bonamassa
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Albert King
Freddy King
George Throgood
Tab Benoit
Allman Brothers
B.B. King
Jerry Reed

Start there and Ill make you another list.