Hello! It's been a while...

...any way, I've recently come accross and Ibanez S270 that ideally I need to sell on. BUT I actually have no idea how much it's worth. It's no longer manufactured so there's no current list price and there appears to be none of them selling second hand at the moment so after a few days research I am clue-less.

So some extra details, body is natural oiled mahogony, a little bit battered to be honest, rosewood fretboard with a very low radius neck, both in good condition, head stock and tuners all in good condition. It's missing the locking nut and the string retainer, which I intend to replace before selling (already sourced the parts for about £30 in total). It's an older Ibanez so only has the single locking trem, ie there are no locking saddles, I am considering rectifying that and installing 6 brand new locking saddles at a cost of £60-£70 if it's worth it.

So...any idea of this guitars re-sale value? Either with or without the planned work and factoring in the slightly battered body.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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