I am a new member. I became a member because i was wondering about these tabs.
Myselfe i prefer chords, but in general the chords are written in most tabs as well, thats good :-)

But i would like to know why quitte a few tabs don't make sense and are completely wrong, or in a different key altogether. Is there a specific reason for that?

Anyway, i can't seem to find the chords that the foo fighters play in 'rope',
in the bit after the chorus. There is a progression from C > someting like C with a C#? >
A > A with something like A#, and then the basic riff from the beginning of the song comes again.

Does anyone know the chords between the C and the A? the rest of the song i know.
What i found so far in the tabs and the chords are not the same chords as Foo Fighters play. Or is that because they us three guitars to play one progression?

Pardon me for some bad grammar mistakes, but i am Dutch,

Thanks for helping out!
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G Em7 Bm A

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I see now that i read the tab that is on UG wrong...
I took the second chords' 6 and 7 as 5 and 6, and the fourth chords' 8 and 9 as a 7 and 8.
How professional! :-)
So i was wrong when i said that i could not find it in the tabs on UG, i guess the one i found was the only one that was wrong.