I play all types of metal, but mostly metalcore. I have a like 6 valve 212 right now, but I've grown tired of the sound and I want somethig with more "oomph". The amp would be mostly for bedroom use and band practice (another guitarist and a drummer). Does the combo sound good at bedroom volumes? I'd love a halfstack, but 120 watts is just absolute overkill.


Is the peavey 6505+ good for bedroom playing and band practice without sounding muffled at low volumes?


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Not good for bedroom playing at all, but it'll snarl in band practice
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It's nice for metalcore, very crushing distortion, however the cleans...leave much to be desired and It does get a bit muffled at lower volumes but it's great for band practice.

It depends, if you're only going to be playing distortion go for it, however if you like to play clean, or even clean sections it's going to be a bit muddy. I suppose you could bring both your amps and use the 212 for cleans? (I've no idea what the 212 sounds like)
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6505+112 cleans are not that bad they are actually pretty good for a high gain amp. That said, it is def not a bedroom amp. It is a gigging machine.

Another option might be the Vypyr 60. It has all kinds of br00talz settings, sounds pretty good at bedroom volumes, has a headphone jack, is $100 cheaper and has the side benefit of amp models like Twin, Classic 30, Bad Cat, JCM800 and will have much better cleans.

Much different than your Spider Valve
change the speaker it helps!
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It's fine for the bedroom, you just have to alter the settings a bit to make up for the post section not pushing much volume. Even still it'll sound better than any solid state I've heard at bedroom levels.

The cleans are not bad, people jump on the "muddy cleans" bandwagon too much. I actually use the cleans from it, you just have to know how to work the thing. Its not like a fender, can't just turn it on and get magic, you have to play with the settings. (and single coils help).
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Not good for bedroom playing at all, but it'll snarl in band practice

Opinion. I use my 5150 212 for practice and it still has good tone. Is a little "fizzy" sounding but still it's good.
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