i dont think anyone on here has one.
i think the RT series is awesome sounding from hearing bits and pieces on YT and doing some reading BUT id rather have the rt503

i DO know that the tone king guy on youtube did a HORRIBLE demo of the rt100.
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I recently purchased the RT100 and matching RT412CX cab. Here is a video of a live concert performance with it. I'm the only guitarist other than bass so what you're hearing is the RT100. (The amp is on the back right of the stage).


No pedals or effects are used. The rhythm throughout the song is OD2 channel with gain cranked, bass and treble cranked, and mids on 2. Clean channel at 2:45 in the video, and OD1 channel at 5:00 (with my weak attempt at a solo).

The OD2 channel is great for rhythm but weak for solos. OD1, on the other hand, sounds just like my old Randall RG50TC and is great for tight leads, but not as warm for rhythm. So for solos all you need to do is hit the footswitch that comes included.

With the gain cranked, you'll notice the rhythm has a bit of a warm "fizzy" tone to it. Some people like that, some people don't. Reducing the gain tends to eliminate that. It's very noisy with the gain cranked, so I may need to invest in a noise gate.

Several people in the audience knew that I had just bought this amp and were waiting to hear it for the first time. A couple people told me they were impressed how the amp totally cut through the mix. Oh, and yeah, the blue LEDs and steel grill turned a few heads.