Okay, I have a Double neck, one neck with 12 strings. It has the normal 6 strings. and the thinner strings for the higher octave. So an idea came to me - what if I use the thinner, higher octave strings only, just for soloing. But im not going to turn the 12 string into a 6, but would the strings be better for soloing? i figure since theyre really thin, it eliminates most of the bass, and has more treble. I dont know, would putting the 12 string's 6 higher octave strings on a guitar make it better for solos?
Putting the octaved strings on a 6 string guitar has actually been done and is called Nashville tuning. You will get a lot of shimmer and no low ends, but I doubt it would work good for distorted soloing. Wouldn't it just be too damn bright?
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Doesn't sound like a good Idea to me....

I agree, plus the high E & B strings aren't an octave higher, they're the same pitch. It would be nigh impossible to get strings an octave higher than that